By using the earth as “a thing”, a matter subordinated to our good will, a matter without life, without soul, without feeling, we are now trapped by our pride and the result of our ignorance. Yes, time is running out to radically change attitudes, make the necessary arrangements and help this vital transition, so that future generations will not be confronted with a hell on earth. The list of resolutions to be taken is long, but it is imperative that all of us, citizens, political leaders, industrial entrepreneurs, work together. We can no longer live as if we were cut off from the world in our habits as a country rich in perdition. We can no longer live without considering the existential value of each person, because the poorest will be the first to be affected. We can no longer live away from vital values by continuing to pollute land, water and air with impunity. And finally, we can no longer live without the fundamental human and spiritual values that make us human beings, such as caring, compassion, generosity and listening.

 Today the Festival “Le Temps Presse” is an absolute necessity, we must first of all, see, hear, understand through films, meetings, experts, thinkers, readings, exchanges, reports so that our consciousness awakens, so that information can circulate within our community and in the world. We are facing humanity’s greatest challenge: global warming, but also the withdrawal of rich countries from themselves. This Festival symbolises the need for a common consciousness so that a humanist reversal (and not humanitarian aid) can be made in everyone’s life and to provoke the current powers in place. We need serious, responsible politicians who anticipate and implement real solutions. The era of global sharing has arrived ! I believe that every thought, like every action, contributes to the evolution of our future. We have to get out of our fears, out of our selfish habits. We are not the center of the world. Of course, our knowledge is important – the countless technical and scientific advances are proof of this – but what is knowledge without taking into account the other, and everything around us? By not questioning the consequences of our actions, by never asking ourselves if they could harm others, we have reached a form of indecency, indignity. The land does not belong to us, we are only the guardians. It is up to us to know how to give up the old world, that of possessions, of profit, of greedy progress. Wouldn’t our depression come from what we forgot, our purpose being on earth? Finding the child’s faith, a smile, reaching out to others is our only true survival.

Let us build in ourselves a solid foundation on which a possible and worthy future can be created. Let us declare peace to ourselves, to our family, to our community, to our neighbours, to the foreigners who come to our country, to the poor, to the rich, to everything that makes us so different, because we are not alone, we are united.
Juliette Binoche