Ciné-débat : Biodiversité

Ciné-débat : Le sport et ses valeurs

Ciné-débat : Alimentation

Ciné-débat : Egalité des sexes



Wednesday, January 30 – Publicis Cinema

Session at 14:00

Food Debate: How to feed 7 billion people?

Moderated by Christine Oberdorff, Grand Reporter at Ushuaia TV (TF1 group) Preceded by the film “The Green Sun” by Richard Fleischer (film duration 1h37 + debate 1h)


  • Perrine HERVE-GRUYER – organic farmer, permaculture
  • Pierre MICHELETTI – doctor, author, vice-president at Action against Hunger
  • Bertrand SWIDERSKI – director of sustainable development of the Carrefour

Session at 7:00 pm (this session will take place at George V Cinema)

Climate Change Debate: You said end of the world?

Moderated by Christine Oberdorff, Grand Reporter at Ushuaia TV (TF1 group) Preceded by the movie “Wonders of the Sea 3D” by Jean-Michel Cousteau (1h22 movie + 1h debate)


  • Patrick BAUDRY – Astronaut
  • Max BIRD – youtubeur
  • Jean-Michel COUSTEAU – explorer

Thursday, January 31 – Publicis Cinema

Session at 9:30

Debate Children’s Prize: Children Speak Out!

Moderated by Jury Children

Preceded short films competing in “the price of children” (duration 44mn movies + debate 1h)

Session at 14:00

Biodiversity debate: Biodiversity, the French paradox!

Moderated by Emma Stokking, Sparknews Social Innovation Manager

Preceded short films competing in “the price of biodiversity” (45 minutes movie duration + debate 1h)
  • Alain BOUGRAIN DUBOURG – journalist, writer, president of the league for the protection of birds
  • Antoine CADI – Director of Research and Innovation, CDC Biodiversity
  • Philippe KUNTER – Director of Sustainable Development and CSR, Bpifrance
  • Magalie PAYEN – youtubeuse

Session at 4:15 pm

Debate Sport And Its Values: And if we played collective, finally!

Moderated by Sandra De Baillencourt, Director of Sparknews Preceded short films competing in the “Yunus Spirit Prize” (51mn movie duration + 1h debate)


  • Jean-Philippe ACENSI – agency for education through sport
  • Véronique FAUJOUR – Director of Communication Crédit Agricole
  • Ryadh SALLEM- Paralympic Basketball Champion, Head of CAPSAAA
  • Cécilia BERDER – France Fencing Team, France Info columnist

Session at 19:00

Gender Equality Debate: Alone in the face of women!

Moderated by Christine Oberdorff, Grand Reporter at Ushuaia TV (TF1 group) Preceded shorts competing in “the price of gender equality” (46min movie duration + 1h debate)


  • Liseron BOUDOUL – journalist, war reporter on TF1
  • Laurence FISCHER – triple world champion of karate, founder of the association Fight For Dignity
  • Claude FROMAGEOT – Director of Sustainable Development, Yves Rocher Foundation
  • Ariane KIRTLEY – Director of the Amman Imman Association
  • Donatienne HISSARD – Deputy Director of Sustainable Development at the Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs

Friday, February 1st – Publicis Cinema

Session at 10:00

Health and Wellbeing Debate: Today’s Health, Tomorrow’s Medicine: Let’s Take Stock.

Moderated by Gilles Berhault, General Delegate of the Transition Foundation Preceded short films competing in the “health and well-being prize” (48 minutes film duration + 1h debate)


  • Christine BELHOMME – Specialist in Sustainable Development & Integrative Health, founder and director of Terre de Santé and co-founder of the C2DS Dr
  • Jean-Emmanuel BIBAULT – Radiation Oncologist and Artificial Intelligence Specialist in the field of medicine and oncology, Georges Pompidou European Hospital
  • Dr. Nicolas LEBLANC – Doctor in Public Health, Health Advisor – Strategy and Public Affairs Department of the VYV Group

Session at 14:00

Debate Peace and Justice: What must be lost for the world to win?

Moderated by Nicolas Imbert, Executive Director Green Cross France and Territories Preceded by the movie “The Arrow of Time” by Leila Conners (movie duration 1h33 + debate 1h)


  • Jean-Marie COLLIN – Expert and spokesperson of ICAN FRANCE, organization Nobel Peace Prize 2017
  • Leila AICHÏ – Trained lawyer, former senator from Paris, co-editor of the Green Paper on Defense
  • Cyrielle HARIEL – Journalist
  • Alexandre DEREIMS – Albert Londres Prize, director of the film “We are humanity”


Debating sessions are always preceded by a program of long or short films.