Edition 2016

Messages from Professor Muhammad Yunus, 2017 Co-president

Professor Yunus, Peace Nobel Prize in 2006, gives us his world vision and his motivation to change it.

Professor Yunus, Peace Nobel Prize in 2006, closes the award ceremony by giving a support message to the young talented people making films everyday.


The Jury

Cinema Prize

Pascal Plisson

Tina Gharavi

Cécile Desclaux

Jean-François Camilleri

Davy Chou

Citizen Prize

Women Prize

S.A.S. La princesse Stéphanie de Monaco

Isabelle Giordano

Tina Kieffer

Catherine Nayl

Yann Arthus-Bertrand

Climate Prize

The jury consists of astronauts and scientifics :

Julie Payette

Michel Tognini

Anny Cazenave

Claudie Haigneré

Jean-François Clervoy

Students Prize

First year students from Sciences Politiques Menton

Prix des Enfants

More than de 1,000 children voted in MonacoTunisiaSenegal, Burundi, Madagascar and Mali.

The Laureates 

Cinema Prize

The Chicken by Una Gunjak

Citizen Prize

Pantheon Discount by Stéphan Castang

Women Prize

The Arrival by Daniel Montanarini

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Climate Prize

Catatumbarí by Oriana Contreras

Watch the movie

Students Prize

Out of the village by Jonathan Stein

Children Prize

The Change by Fabián Ribezzo

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This prize goes to the most cinematographic film, the best cinematography, the best screenplay, the best director.


This prize is in partnership with the town of Paris and it awards the film which deals with the SDGs in an urban environment.


The best film that stands up for women rights, male and female equality, and the place of women in our society will be awarded.


This prize is a partnership with the help of the Direction of the Cooperation of the Principauté de Monaco’s Government. We will award the short film that deals with the themes in a way that can be understood by young children.


This is an award for the film that is related to youth and which has a link with current events. The jury consists of students only.


The climate convention uniting 196 countries in Paris is a most important event during this festival.