Climate Prize


Claudie Haigneré

Jean-François Clervoy

Julie Payette

Michel Tognini

Cécile Desclaux

Films in competition

LAUREATE: Catatumbarí by Oriana Contreras

4th October 2029: A fisherman living on Maracaibo Lake finds out that the meteorological phenomenon of the Catatumbo lightnings is about to disappear forever because of the ongoing climate change. With his son he drives to a place where they will witness the unique occurrence one last time.

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Water Warrior by Nana Ghana

Trending African artist Serge Clottey is invited to Los Angeles by an American art dealer after she discovers his work AfroGallonisim on the internet, the Water warrior portrays the water crises as a global issue, and brings awareness to the conservation of water.

Wind by Robert Löbel

The inhabitants of an extremely windy area learn to deal with their difficults living conditions.

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Iron Mountain by Sébastien Fraud, Romain Brachet, Alexandre Guerre, Damien Kessler, Maxime Marline

We won’t disappear without fighting…

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Chatarra by Walter Tournier

In a post apocalyptic world, the horizon is made of garbage, ruins, trash, and pollution. A robot gathers metallic pieces, just like him, to build other robots which will bring life to a world that no longer has it. However, when the last of these machines starts to function, its tenderness will also bring into the memory echoes from the planet´s past.