Cinema Prize


Jean-François Camilleri

Tina Gharavi

Pascal Plisson

Davy Chou

Cécile Desclaux

Films in competition

STOP by Reinaldo Marcus Green

A young man’s livelihood is put to test when he is stopped by the police on his way home.

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After the end by Sam Southward

For Rene Fustercluck, life was bad, the Apocalypse was awful and then Gordon arrived. ‘After the End’ explores the possibility that the only thing worse than being the last man on earth, is being the second to last man on earth.

Patriot by Eva Riley

Against the backdrop of simmering racial tensions within her rural English community, the life of eleven years old Hannah changes forever,when she meets a boy from a forbidden part of the town.

The Bill by Peter Wedel

Three friends meet in a bar and start talking about their lives. Cars, holidays, energy and diet represent a colorful range of “climate sins”. With the appearance of the barmaid, the film takes a surprising change of course…

LAUREATE: The Chicken by Una Gunjak

As a present for her 6th birthday, Selma gets a live chicken. When she realises the creature is going to be killed to feed the family she decides to set it free, unaware of the dangerous consequences such action will lead to… It is Sarajevo, year running 1993.